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 Pearl Investment Initiative

The Friends For Life Foundation is a non-profit organization organized exclusively for the purposes of charitable, religious, literary, educational and scientific endeavors. For the purpose of this effort, Pearl Investment Initiative grant applications are being accepted to support projects that are community- driven,  and to enable charitable organizations/non-profits to take innovative action on empowerment through education, health, family and global impact.

Eligibility Criteria

All entities must have a reasonable level of organizational capacity and must be able to demonstrate their qualifications and ability to successfully implement the proposed project.


Please make note of the following guidelines for this award:

  1. The application must be received by the submission deadline. No exceptions.

  2. The application must be neatly printed or typed.

  3. Application narrative must include: Name of project/activity, need or rationale, objectives, relationship to educational enrichment, health promotion, family strengthening, or global impact.

  4. The budget must include: Total funds for the project/activity; delineate the use of requested funds and any funds from other sources (if applicable).

  5. All costs must be included in the grant application budget, including those funds which supplement the award from existing funds. The budget submitted must list each item to be purchased with the corresponding quantity and cost for each. Shipping and handling fees and all taxes must be included in the initial request. The grant will be awarded for a specific amount and will not be increased after approval.

  6. If funds are requested for research or a demonstration project, the following additional information must be included in the narrative: procedure; target audience; expected benefits and method of evaluation.

  7. Awards are limited to non-profit, charitable organizations and/or government entities.

  8. Awards may not be used for fundraising events such as walk-a-thons, tournaments, fashion shows, and ongoing fundraising expenses in an organization.

  9. Awards may not be used for events designed to elect candidates to public office or make references to political campaigns or issues.

  10. All Pearl Investment Initiative funded printed materials must contain the following language, “This project is supported by the Friends for Life Foundation, however the language, photos, graphics, etc. expressed in this publication does not necessarily reflect the views of Friends for Life Foundation, Inc.”

  11. Upon completion of project/activity, and no later than June 30, 2025, a final report including evaluation must be filed with Friends for Life Foundation, which includes budget expenditures and accomplishments based on pre-established goals.

  12. The provider must comply with the State and County anti-discrimination laws.

  13. Faith based communities must comply with the following conditions:

    • Active participation in the faith cannot be a prerequisite for individuals receiving services funded with Friends For Life   Foundation, Inc.;

    • Positive accommodation needs to be made for participation by persons of all faiths.

    • Funded services must serve the entire community at large; and

    • Staff and volunteers cannot proselytize their faith to service recipients.


Important Dates

The Friends For Life Foundation Pearl Investment Initiative grant application period is open for the 2024 year. Access the application by clicking on the link below, applications are due by June 30, 2024.


Application Process

To apply for a Friends For Life Foundation, Inc. award, please submit the application and supportive documentation listed.  The application must be typed or neatly written.

The Friends For Life Foundation application package must include the following items:

1.       Friends For Life Foundation – Pearl Investment Initiative Application

2.       Narrative (not to exceed 4 pages)

3.       IRS Determination Letter

4.       Letter of Authorization


Proposals must substantially comply with the application instructions and requirements set forth or the proposal will not be considered. The proposal package should be sent via electronic email or postal service. Documents will not be accepted via hand-delivery or fax. Please submit your application and supporting documents to:

Friends For Life Foundation, Inc.

ATTN: 2020 Pearl Investment Initiative

10800 Alpharetta Highway, Suite 208, #608

Roswell, GA 30076


Email to:

Please direct all questions concerning the Friends For Life Foundation, Inc. awards in writing to:


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